CROSS STUDIO × SPALDING × SNEAKER NEWS Artist-Designed Basketballs Collections-Rob Flowers


The collection includes three basketball editions designed by Cross Studio’s artists, Eric Inkala, Jasper Wong and Rob Flowers. The artists injected their ideas and signature designs into the collection to create a “CROSS” chemistry of art and sports; turning traditional basketballs from sports equipment into valuable collectables.

Rob Flowers - CROSS STUDIO × SPALDING × SNEAKER NEWS Artist-Designed Collection

Rob Flowers is a Britain based artist. His illustrations are embodied his obvious love for humour and characters. Rob channels his love of colours and favourite characters into bright illustrations on the ball. Rob made a rainbow-coloured design and used his favourite characters that often appear in his work playing basketball to inhabit each of the panels, such as dunking sharks and ball spinning trees and toads.

From Cross Studio Asia

Ships from Shang Hai, China

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