CROSS STUDIO × SPALDING × SNEAKER NEWS Artist-Designed Basketballs Collections-Eric Inkala


The collection includes three basketball editions designed by Cross Studio’s artists, Eric Inkala, Jasper Wong and Rob Flowers. The artists injected their ideas and signature designs into the collection to create a “CROSS” chemistry of art and sports; turning traditional basketballs from sports equipment into valuable collectibles.

Eric Inkala - CROSS STUDIO × SPALDING × SNEAKER NEWS Artist-Designed Collection

Brooklyn-based Eric Inkala is a self-taught artist whose highly visual and ever-evolving style has ripened from graffiti to pop art to contemporary art. The basketball design is based on a painting Eric did in 2015. Eric did a stream of consciousness text drawings which become patterns in parts of images. This design was one of the first that he did. And now, this eye-catching painting has been turned into a basketball.

From Cross Studio Asia
Ships from Shang Hai, China
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