“XYZ" Puzzle

Featuring artwork by artist Alvaro Ilizarbe, in collaboration with CROSS STUDIO ASIA.A 500-piece collaborative jigsaw puzzle.Crafted from sustainably sourced paper pulp.Made with 2mm thick white cardboard. Rich colours help reduce visual fatigue. Precision die-cuts for a smooth edge finish. It is integrated with innovative augmented reality (AR)technology. Unlock an enhanced digital experience in the Cross Studio AR app after completion.

Product Details:

CROSS STUDIO Artist Puzzle Collection

Name: XYZ

Artist: Alvaro Ilizarbe

Puzzle size: 500*750 mm

Package size: 255*210*60 mm

Material: 2mm white cardboard

Size: 500 pieces

Accessories: jigsaw puzzle, reference chart, desiccant

*Product pictures and page display contents are provided for reference only.


A platform to bring new artists from the West to Asia through all forms of art products and exhibitions since 2016. we committed to Introducing art into China via more diverse forms. In the future, we will work with a number of artists to bring new cutting-edge art. Through forms of exhibition and limited product collaboration, so that more people can learn and appreciate their artwork. And we devote to designing, developing and producing high-quality and highly detailed collectables and unique limited edition products With the artists.


FREEGUMS whose real name is Alvaro Ilizarbe, was born in Lima, Peru, and is currently based out of Los Angeles. Coming from an advertising and graphic design background, his artwork has a systematic approach to patterns and themes.

Ilizarbe’s work is influenced by pre-Columbian art, textiles, tiltable patterns, nature and colour. Colour adds layers of emotions conducive to prescribed feelings. Ilizarbe’s installations transform spaces into different dimensions distorting perception and depth of field.

From Cross Studio Asia
Ships from Shang Hai, China
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