Jumping Lomo is Jieying Li (Guangzhou, China) and Guillermo Fajardo (Lima, Peru), 2 artists that decided to officially join forces in 2013 as a design and art studio.The duo started to work together back in 2010, when they designed and developed their first characters as rag dolls for their screen printing class in the Faculty of Arts at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Their first solo show was presented 3 years later called “Los Patroncitos”, at Galería Indigo, with art-toy-influenced sculptures and paintings inspired in several Patron Saint Festivals around Peru. Since then Jieying and Guillermo have been expanding the imaginary of their universe by getting the inspiration from their own contrasting heritages and pop culture across the world. Jumping Lomo has participated in different fairs and art collectives such as ArtLima, CasaCor, Beijing Toy Show, Expo-Deco, Casa Perú, among others. They have also collaborated with different brands such as Absolut Vodka, Monskey Maniacs and Great Twins.